The Importance of Choosing a Top Pool Company

A pool is a huge investment that can not only provide years of enjoyment for you and your family but adds considerable value to your property.

Good quality pools are also a significant financial investment, so you want to make sure your pool company is trusted, has a good reputation, and will follow through and deliver what you’ve paid for.

There have been some high-profile pool companies failures over the past year, and some people have lost thousands of dollars in deposits they paid for pools that were never built.

This is a tragic situation, but there are ways you can avoid this happening to you. Learn how to choose a top pool company.

Choose a company with a solid reputation

For more than 55 years, Paramount Pools has provided thousands of Kiwis with quality swimming pools and spas, helping them create a space for fun and relaxation in their own backyards.

While other pool companies have come and gone in that time, Paramount Pools continues to thrive due to its quality products and commitment to outstanding customer service.

With a wide range of pools to suit any budget, New Zealanders trust us to provide affordable luxury pools and spa pools, pool equipment and accessories, and chemicals.

Since 1967 when we invented the iconic Para Pool, we have grown into one of the largest and most experienced companies in the pool industry.

Visit a physical store

Some pool companies don’t have an actual brick and mortar store you can visit. They may have an online presence, but all their pools are simply stored in a warehouse and then shipped out as they’re sold. The question to ask here is – how do you get a hold of them if something goes wrong and they won’t return your calls?

If a pool company has physical stores, it’s a good sign that they’re invested in the industry, and therefore in you as a customer.

Paramount Pools has stores around the North Island in Auckland, Tauranga, and Palmerston North, and a South Island store in Christchurch.

Our stores in Tauranga and Christchurch, as well as one Auckland store, have display pools so customers can see the quality of our pools up close.

We also have a nationwide network of distributors who stock our pools.

Having stores is important to us because it allows our customers to meet us and see who we are.

Our friendly team of swimming pool experts are passionate about providing outstanding service to our customers, so meeting them face-to-face is an important part of this.

Make sure their pools are of good quality

Putting in a swimming pool is a considerable investment, so you want to ensure your pool is of the highest quality.

Paramount Pools are made in New Zealand and designed for local conditions. We also supply custom pools from Australian suppliers, which are also suited to our environment.

Since we introduced the classic Para Pool to Kiwis in 1967, we’ve been trusted to make thousands of reliable and durable swimming pools for our customers.

With some pool companies, the pools are imported, so when customers order their pool and pay their deposit, they then have to wait for the pool to arrive in the country.

By making our pools right here in New Zealand, we can ensure we have plenty of stock on hand so when customers order one, we can install it without delay.

Pay a minimal deposit

Woman swimming in Above Ground Pool in Tauranga garden

It’s risky dealing with pool companies that ask for a sizable deposit before they start installing your pool.

If the company goes under – which has happened to several pool companies in New Zealand over the past year – you could be out of pocket with little chance of getting your deposit back.

With Paramount Pools, we only ask for a minimal deposit when we confirm your order. Sometimes this is as little as $1,000.

We don’t ask for any further payments until the pool is ready to be delivered to your site.

This gives you peace of mind and confidence that your pool will be delivered and installed on time.



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