Reltech Pool Pump

Looking for a high quality pool pump?

Explore our range of Reltech Pool Pumps – a leading brand of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient pumps.

Our team at Paramount Pools recognises the importance of investing in a powerful and reliable pump for continuous operation. Having a pool pump that operates efficiently minimises the risk of costly repairs and unplanned downtime. That’s why we only stock the highest quality pool pumps.

Explore our range of pumps, suitable for residential and commercial swimming pools and spas.

Premium PR Series Spa & Pool Pumps

Single Speed Spa & Pool Pumps

Are you searching for an efficient pool pump that won’t cause a surge in your electricity bill?
Experience maximum cleaning results with Reltech premium PR pool and spa pumps.

Built specifically for the most demanding pools and spas, these single speed pumps will help keep your water crystal clear and stay running at peak performance. With user-friendly features, you’ll enjoy superior cleanliness with high water flow and maximum pressure.

You can run this energy-efficient system at night to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates and ensure a peaceful night’s rest.

With this reliable pump, say goodbye to frustrating pump failures and hello to more time relaxing in your pool or spa. These pool pumps are designed and built to withstand the harshest conditions. Reltech’s engineers have meticulously crafted a superior pump with exceptional durability, guaranteed to last years.

  • Corrosion resistant, strongly constructed, one piece pump
  • Powerful, reliable motor for continuous operation with long bearing life
  • Elevated motor stand providing sturdy support for your motor and pump
    • Keeping moisture at bay
    • Reducing noise and vibration

Discover the convenience of effortless cleaning and pool maintenance.

  • Extra large robust strainer basket
    • Prevents breakage during operation
    • Less frequent cleaning required
  • Well positioned strainer basket prevents the inlet from being blocked
  • Easy removable clear inspection lid for quick cleaning

Reltech’s Premium PR Series are covered by a limited 3 year warranty against materials and workmanship.
( * Refer to the Ecoflo V3 Pro operating manual for full details )

PR100 Self Priming Pump 1.0HP

PR150 Self Priming Pump 1.5HP

Reltech Premium Pr Series Model PR 100 PR150
HP 1.00 1.50
Flow Rate @ 8mtr Head 270 380
Volts / Phase 240 / 1 240 / 1
Full Load Amps 4.10 6.40
Watts Input 950 1500
Max Noise Db(A) @ 1mtr 60 63
Length Of Pump (A) 605 625
Warranty Against defects in materials & workmanship 3 years (limited) 3 years (limited)

Ecoflo Series

Fully Variable 3 Speed Spa & Pool Pump

For the ultimate in energy saving, Reltech’s Ecoflo V3 Pro pool and spa pump is the quiet achiever. If you want control over your pool filtration system, a Reltech pump is designed for you.

Unlike conventional single-speed pumps that work at maximum capacity, the permanent magnet brushless DC motor allows you to increase and decrease between three speeds to suit your needs. Tune it to meet the exact requirements of your pool or spa.

With all this power, you will be amazed by its extremely low noise levels. Take advantage of those off-peak electricity rates and get a good night’s sleep.

Designed for high flow filtration, suitable for spa jets and in-floor cleaning setups. From backwashing to cleaning and filtering, the Ecoflo V3 is one of the market’s most reliable and durable pumps. This advanced system will save you time and money.

Dramatically decrease your electricity costs, and feel good about reducing carbon emissions! This revolutionary pump can even achieve up to an impressive 8-star rating*.

Based on Eco Mode Filtration CyclesFactory Settings

Reltech’s Ecoflo V3 Pro is covered by a limited 3 year warranty against materials and workmanship.
( * Refer to the Ecoflo V3 Pro operating manual for full details)

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