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A swim spa that offers so much more!

Swim Spas are very large spas that provide many benefits. They are like a compact swimming pool you can use year-round!

In a way, a Swim Spa is like a home gym, but with a hydrotherapy massage facility at the end. You can walk, run, or swim against the jets, which are fully adjustable to suit all fitness levels.

Or you can simply relax, unwind, and soothe tired muscles.
It is equipped with a powerful water current that lets you swim continuously against the flow, providing a similar experience to swimming in a traditional lap pool

Why Buy A Swim Spa

Swim spas are more than just a spa, they are a versatile and innovative addition to your home that offer the best of both worlds – the relaxation of a spa and the fitness benefits of swimming.

Another great benefit is that they can be taken with you when you move. It doesn’t matter if you rent or own a home you plan to sell at some point, it’s an investment that moves with you.

Additionally, they’re easier to maintain and take up less space than a pool. Plus, they’re way cheaper and don’t require digging into the ground!

Why choose a Sapphire swim spa?

Health and wellness benefits

Swim spas offer a range of health and wellness benefits. As the name suggests, they provide the perfect environment for swimming, allowing you to get a great cardiovascular workout right in the comfort of your own backyard. The adjustable water stream allows for a customizable swimming experience, catering to swimmers of all levels.

Not only does swimming in a swim spa provide a low-impact, full-body workout but the hydrotherapy jet pumps also provide soothing massages. The combination of water jets and warm water helps to relax muscles, relieve stress, improve circulation, and reduce joint pain.


One of the key advantages of swim spas is their versatility. Unlike traditional swimming pools, swim spas are compact in size, making them suitable for smaller yards or even indoor installations.

They can be used year-round, regardless of the weather, providing you with endless opportunities for exercise and relaxation. Additionally, swim spas can be converted into a hot tub or used for recreational purposes, making them a multi-functional investment.

Low maintenance

Swim spas are smaller in size, so they generally require less maintenance and use fewer chemicals and resources to keep clean and running efficiently.

They require less water and fewer chemicals, saving you time and money. In addition, many swim spas come with advanced filtration systems that help keep the water clean and clear.

Energy efficiency

Swim spas are designed to be energy efficient, using less electricity than traditional swimming pools. They are well-insulated to retain heat and save on spa heating costs, allowing you to enjoy your swim spa year-round without worrying about high energy bills.

Some swim spas even have energy-saving modes and timers to further reduce energy consumption. With reduced heat loss due to its heat retention properties, a swim spa is a great way to enjoy all the benefits of a spa without the high heating costs.

Customisable features

Each individual has unique preferences, which is why we offer a variety of customisation options for our swim spas.

Swim spas can be customised in a variety of ways, including size and ergonomic seating, along with options such as LED lighting, water features, and audio systems.

How to choose a swim spa

Not all spa pools are created equal. When choosing a swim spa, choose a well-established brand with a good distribution network from reputable stores. Paramount Pools is proud to distribute Sapphire Spas NZ-wide to customers looking for a superior spa experience.

Sapphire Spas manufactures premium quality spa pools that are competitive in price and built in Australia to withstand unique environmental conditions. For 20 years, the Sapphire Spas name has stood for design, quality, innovation, and service.

Its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Victoria isn’t just an “assembly plant”, the entire process is done here from shell to completion. This ensures the company has complete control over every aspect to ensure maximum quality.

Aussie Tough Warranty

Sapphire Spas takes pride in offering the longest warranty on the market, with no pro-rata reductions in value as the spa ages. Here’s the protection your warranty offers you.

Reputable Dealer

For Auckland, Canterbury, Waikato and Bay of Plenty, Paramount Pools is the exclusive distributor for Sapphire Spas and Swim Pas. We are one of the largest and most experienced companies in the New Zealand pool and spa industry.

Buying a swimming pool from us means you’re buying from a reputable dealer who stands behind what we sell. You can trust us to resolve any issues you encounter, so you can buy with confidence.

10 years Warranty

Sapphire Spas warrants against water loss due to defects in the spa shell structure for ten years from the original date of purchase.

5 years Warranty

Sapphire Spas warrants the interior surface of the spa shell against blistering, cracking or delaminating for five years from the original date of purchase. 

Sapphire Spas warrants the cedar cabinet against defects for a period of five years from the original date of purchase. The warranty is not extended to the appearance and wear of the product and it’s reaction to the environment.

3 years Warranty

Sapphire Spas warrants the DuraTek cabinet against defects for a period of three years from the original date of purchase. The warranty covers warping or discolouration.

Sapphire Spas warrants all jets and fittings, including air controls & divertors etc for a period of three years from the original date of purchase. The warranty is limited to replacement only after one year upon the defective part being returned to the company.

Sapphire Spas warrants factory-installed plumbing against water loss due to defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three years from the original date of purchase.

Sapphire Spas warrants the spas electrical equipment components, specifically the pump(s), heater, blower and control system, against malfunction due to defects in material and workmanship for three years from the original date of purchase.

2 years Warranty

Sapphire Spas warrants all headrests and the hardcover against defects in material or faulty workmanship for a period of two years from the original date of purchase, only if Sapphire recommended ozone sanitisation system is fitted.

Misuse or abuse of product will void warranty!

Types of Sapphire Spas

Swim Spas

With a Sapphire Swim Spa, you get many of the benefits of a traditional pool, but with the added luxury of a spa. An incredibly versatile pool, you can exercise using your choice of swim jet configurations to walk, run or competitively swim.

Adjustable levels of resistance can enhance your physical fitness. You can also receive a relaxing premium massage by sitting back and enjoying the hydrotherapy massage jets, which can help reduce aches and pains.

What’s more, the efficient heating system ensures you can enjoy the luxurious comfort of your pool all year round. Whether you want to work out, play or relax, a Sapphire Swim Spa is the best way to have it all in your own backyard.

Dual Zone

The myDualzone is the perfect choice if you can’t decide between a swim spa or spa pool. You get all the benefits of owning both in one spa! Up to five people can relax in the 2.2m x 2m spacious swim spa.

Featuring soothing water features such as neck and shoulder massagers, as well as two recliner positions of different lengths, it’s perfect for anyone of any height. Being a dedicated swim spa, the 4m long swim spa is long enough for anyone to get a full workout.

There are five pumps in the Dualzone, including three dedicated swim jet pumps, so you can use it as part of your swim training regime or dial it right back to suit any user. Dualzone comes with built-in HiFi, remote control, water spouts, and a wide range of customizations and add-ons.

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools from Sapphire Spas can be enjoyed all year long.

Heat your pool in winter and cool it in summer with efficient heating systems. Swim jets also allow kids to play in the water or do some light exercise.

Swim Spa or Swimming Pool

If you’re having a hard time deciding whether to buy a swim spa or a traditional swimming pool, consider the pros and cons of both and weigh up which one gives you more of what you want.
Swimming pool
A swimming pool is great for cooling down when it's hot. They're generally larger than swim spas, so they're a great way to swim, splash and play. You also have more options about how you want your pool to look, with a wide range of colours and sizes to choose from.
Swim spa
A swim spa is a more versatile option than a traditional swimming pool, because you can swim in it, using the powerful jets as resistance, but you can also receive a relaxing hydrotherapy massage, or just sit in the beautiful warm water and enjoy the experience. Swim spas are also relatively easy to install, don't take up as much space, and can be enjoyed all year round. Best of all they offer a no-dig alternative to swimming and you can take them with you if you move. them

High-quality construction

Sapphire Spas are constructed using the most advanced, state-of-the-art methods available. It starts with a strong foundation using moulds, which are made on-site using high-quality materials. An acrylic is then formed around the mould using a high-powered vacuum. After this, the spa is reinforced using our superior quality fibreglass resin, before receiving its power-saving insulation and other features like pumps and plumbing.

Designed and built in-house, each spa adheres to the strictest Australian Standards, and each spa is backed by a Lifecare Guarantee. Sapphire Spas, a proudly Australian spa brand, offers a comprehensive warranty that is backed by a stringent quality control system.

Fade resistant

Sapphire Spas only use high quality acrylic that is fade resistant.

  • With a perfectly designed colour cast
  • Each spa shell keeps the original colour
  • No colour fades
  • Mo blotches
  • A real work of art

Swim spa installation process

With Sapphire Spas, all aspects of installation are handled by our team of experts who are experienced in handling all aspects of installation. Throughout the entire installation process, we ensure seamless and efficient execution. Taking accessibility, safety, and optimal positioning into consideration, our team assesses your outdoor space and recommends the best location.

Additionally, we provide detailed information on electrical requirements and recommend hiring a qualified electrician. In order to make owning a swim spa a pleasure, we designed our swim spas with ease of maintenance in mind. Using our advanced filtration systems, we provide guidance and support for water testing, treatment, and scheduled maintenance. Sapphire Spas lets you enjoy the benefits of a swim spa without the hassles of installation or maintenance.


Swim spas are definitely worth it for many people. They offer a great way to exercise, relax, and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy all in one.

They provide the convenience of having a swimming pool and hot tub in a single unit, which is perfect for those who have limited space or want to maximise the use of their outdoor area.

Swim spas are designed to be low maintenance. Compared to traditional swimming pools, swim spas require less chemicals and water.

The advanced filtration systems in swim spas help to keep the water clean and clear, reducing the need for frequent chemical adjustments. Regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning the filters and performing water testing are simple and straightforward.

Deciding between a hot tub and a swim spa ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. Hot tubs are primarily designed for relaxation and hydrotherapy, with features such as massage jets and adjustable temperature settings.

Swim spas, on the other hand, offer both the benefits of a hot tub and a swimming pool. They have a built-in current that allows you to swim and exercise against the resistance, making them ideal for fitness enthusiasts.

With a swim spa, you get the benefits of enjoying aquatic fitness with an adjustable water stream according to your swimming ability but also relax with a wide range of hydrotherapy features.

High-volume swim jets can provide you with a relaxing massage and help rejuvenate tired muscles. The versatility of a swim spa can provide peace of mind.

A swim spa is a combination of a swimming pool and a hot tub. It is larger than a regular spa and is designed to allow for swimming or exercising against a current. A regular spa, also known as a hot tub, is mainly used for relaxation and hydrotherapy purposes.

Yes, swim spas typically have adjustable swim currents. The swim current can be adjusted to different speeds and intensities to accommodate users of all fitness levels.

A swim spa can cost several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on factors such as size, features, and customization options. The less reputable brands offer cheaper alternatives, but they will probably require more repairs and won’t last as long.

A swim spa is a great tool for fitness enthusiasts who want to stay in shape. The built-in current in a swim spa allows you to swim against resistance, providing a challenging workout for your muscles whether you want an intense workout or a moderate workout.

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