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Paramount Pools has been manufacturing and supplying exceptional swimming pools for over 50 years. Our history dates back to 1967, when we introduced the iconic Para Pool. Since then, our pools have been a staple in backyards across New Zealand. Our pool brand owes its popularity to our reputation for quality and affordability.

Swimming Pools For Sale From Just $7820*

Looking to buy a swimming pool? Congratulations! Swimming pools are a fantastic investment, not only for your property, but also for your family’s well-being.
How much does a pool cost?

Our pools cost less – a lot less!

Pools are a big investment. However, vinyl liner pools help keep costs lower from the outset. These pools are considerably cheaper than concrete or fibreglass. This is because:

  • They require fewer materials to make them stable
  • Freight costs are nowhere near as high – fibreglass pools require expensive transportation and cranes to get them into position, as they come prefabricated.
  • You can install them yourself, and save on installation costs or you can get us to do it.

You can purchase a vinyl pool package from as little as $7820 plus installation. Whereas most fibreglass and concrete options start at $35,000 and reach $100,000.

Our mission is to make quality pools affordable for more families, so everyone can enjoy swimming, get fit, and make memories. With the largest selection of swimming pools in New Zealand, we offer options for a wide range of budgets.

Besides our affordable Lido Range, we also offer a premium option in our Coastal range starting at $35,415 + installation.

*Exc. Installation.

The Best Pool Features - We Know What Makes A Great Pool

With a Paramount Pool, you’re getting the best features for decades of stress-free fun. We offer quality, low-maintenance pools that stand the test of time!

Our vinyl liners are very durable and low maintenance, giving them many advantages over other pools. They are treated to resist algae and UV fading, and will not crack, peel, blister, or separate. Vinyl pools are also 15 times thicker than paint too.

Learn more about Why Paramount Pools tick all the boxes. 

In Ground Pools Auckland and Above Ground Pools Auckland

New Zealand's largest range of pools sizes and styles

Browse our range of above ground pools and in ground pools, in both round, oval and rectangular designs.

The Lido, formerly known as the Para Pool, is an affordable way to turn your pool dream into reality. This proven pool solution comes in oval or round shapes and is designed for installations which have a deck or tile finish. It is extremely durable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain, which makes this pool excellent value for money. Choose from 8 different oval sizes and 3 different round sizes.

The Big Six range was also originally known as a Para Pool. These pools are designed for above-ground installations, or any situation where the top of the pool is not completely decked or tiled. This range starts at $9235 plus installation.

We also offer 5 stunning models in our premium Coastal range. Our space-saving sizes are perfect for small sites, and our deep-end range has depths of up to 1.8 metres.

As industry leaders, we continue to push boundaries with our innovative technology, unrivalled product quality, and exceptional service.

Explore our diverse pool range and discover the unmatched features they have to offer.

Swimming Pool Packages

From $7,820*

  • Widest range of pool sizes and styles in New Zealand
  • Shorter lead times and a huge selection in stock now!
  • Extremely durable – won’t crack, blister, peel or separate
  • Cleaning is a breeze – treated to resist algae
  • Install it yourself, or let us do it for you
  • End-to-end service – design, supply, install and maintain

Paramount Pools offer affordable pool packages, with everything you need for your new pool. Check out what’s included in each pool package by checking out each range.

Here’s what’s included in the affordable Lido pool package.

Pricing Inclusions:
For a list of exclusions and optional upgrades, visit each pool package.

*Excludes installation

Peace-of-Mind Purchasing

Paramount Pools are manufactured in New Zealand and designed for local conditions. We use only the best products and manufacture them to the highest standards. It’s because of our reputation for excellence that our pools have become such an iconic brand.

Paramount Pools offers an exceptional warranty for our pools. It’s easy to be confident in your investment when you purchase from a company with over 50 years of proven performance. 

Pool Liners

The best swimming pools are water-tight, durable, smooth, and low maintenance. Paramount Pools is proud to partner with ABGAL, which makes the perfect liner for any pool.

ABGAL vinyl liners are more stable and durable

  • 15 times thicker than paint!
  • Won’t peel, blister or separate
  • Easier to clean
      1. Treated to resist algae
      2. No loose flaps or folds to let dirt in
  • Won’t move or crack
  • Better pigments and UV treated for brighter colours
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Custom options available
  • Exceptional value!

ABGAL liners are made in Australia using specially formulated virgin PVC and are UV-resistant to withstand our harsh weather conditions.

Uniquely welded – flatter and stronger than traditional welds – they minimise the appearance of joints and provide a cleaner finish without loose flaps or holes to hide algae.

ABGAL liners are available in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit any pool – any shape, any size, any type

ABGAL liners combine durability, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance.

Pool Shops Auckland

Paramount Pools has two Auckland Pool Shops. Our Mount Wellington store is based on Lunn Avenue. Our North Shore Pool Shop is based on Barry’s Road in Takapuna.

From expert water balancing to pool maintenance and new pool installation, our Auckland teams are here to provide you with the best support and advice.

If you are looking for help with digital water testing, installing a new pool liner or repairing a pool, we would love to help.

Pool Supplies Auckland

Pool Accessories

Paramount Pools stocks a wide range of pool accessories including

Pretty much everything you need for easy, enjoyable, crystal-clear swimming.

Pool Chemicals Auckland

We offer a full range of quality pool chemicals under the well-known and recognised Poolmaster brand, including:

  • Sanitisers
  • pH Modifiers and Balancers
  • Salt and Minerals
  • Algaecides
  • Clarifiers and Specialties

What’s Involved In Buying A New Pool

Pool selection is an important decision. Get expert installation, free expertise, and decades of experience. Design, supply, installation, and maintenance are all part of our seamless end-to-end service. We’ll walk you through every step during your consultation.

Step 1 - Site Visit

Working with us is easy. In the first step, we'll come out and assess your property, understand your preferences, and provide you with options that fit your budget and site.

Step 2 - Quote Presented

From there, we'll present you with a detailed quote that outlines the full measure of the job. You can trust that there are no hidden costs—we account for everything right from the start.

Step 3 - Pool Installation

Once you've chosen the option that suits your needs, our team of skilled installers will take care of preparing the site for your new pool. This involves precise measurements, excavation, and any additional ground preparation required. We'll handle all the necessary steps, so you can sit back and watch your pool dream come to life.

Or, you can opt to install your pool yourself. It definitely requires extensive DIY skills, so if you're not sure whether you're up to the task, it's best to talk to us first so that you're clear about what's involved.

Step 4 - Pool Handover

You’ll learn how to maintain your pool effortlessly and use your chosen equipment. With the right advice to keep your pool water balanced and hygienic, you’ll be able to extend the life of your pool by years.

Swimming Pools Auckland FAQs

We offer a comprehensive warranty on our vinyl liner pools at Paramount Pools. We have earned our reputation as one of New Zealand’s most trusted pool companies since 1967.

We offer a variety of options for above-ground and inground pools. To see our full range, view our pool packages.

Paramount Pools use vinyl liners because they are more durable and stable. Vinyl is 15 times thicker than paint and will not chip, peel, crack separate or blister like other pool finishes.

Vinyl pools are ideal for areas with heavy rainfall alternating with drought or cold temperatures which may cause cracks in pools constructed from concrete or paint.

For more information on pool consent visit canibuildit.govt.nz/pools

You can opt to install your own pool, or we can provide an end-to-end service. There is no doubt that this requires expertise and DIY skills. Our team can talk to you about what is required.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you may not know certain things before you buy a pool! We have decades of experience and highly trained installation specialists who can guide you through the selection process.

Why Choose Paramount Pools


Exceptional value -
very affordable!


Durable and easy
to maintain


Widest range of pool
sizes and shapes in NZ


Range of standard models
for all locations


Flexible customised
design option


In ground and above
ground options available


Full installation and DIY
options available


Fibreglass Plunge range
perfect for small sites


Great choice of
colours and patterns


UV inhibitors protect vinyl from damage and fading


Will not crack, blister,
peel or separate


No need to scrub -
resistant to algae

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