Why Choose A Paramount Pool?

We supply, build, install and service affordable, luxurious pools that last!

Paramount Pools are one of the largest and most experienced pool companies in New Zealand. We’ve been creating quality pools since 1967, when we invented the iconic Para Pool.

Generations of Kiwi children have learned to swim in a Paramount Pool over the last 50 years. Our pool brand owes its popularity to our reputation for excellence.

Paramount Pools have been bringing Kiwi Families together Since 1967

Today, we remain industry leaders due to our innovative technology, quality products, and professional service. Paramount Pools offers the widest range of pool sizes and styles in New Zealand.

Paramount vinyl pools are a great option for quality, low-maintenance pools that stand the test of time! Our vinyl liners are very durable and low maintenance, giving them many advantages over other pools. They are treated to resist algae and UV fading, will not crack, peel, blister, or separate. 

Our pools cost less - a lot less!

Pools are a big investment as the initial cost is usually high. However, vinyl liner pools help keep costs lower from the outset. These pools are considerably less expensive than concrete or fibreglass. This is because:

  • They require fewer materials to make them stable
  • Freight costs are nowhere near as high – fibreglass pools require expensive transportation and cranes to get them into position, as they come prefabricated
  • Install it yourself, or let us do it for you. 

You can purchase a vinyl pool package from as little as $7820 plus installation. Whereas most fibreglass and concrete options start at $35,000 and can reach $100,000.

Choose your preferred style and upgrades

The total cost of a vinyl pool depends on factors like the size and shape of the pool; whether it is in-ground pool or above-ground pool and the type of upgrades you choose. For example, you can upgrade to a saltwater or mineral pool that remains heated in winter; and include special or custom features, such as covers or a deep end. Naturally, extras like these cost more.

Vinyl technology has undergone substantial research and development. This has led to improvements in vinyl thickness, strength, and treatment.

Vinyl liners are more stable and durable

  • Won’t crack, peel or blister
  • Won’t separate
  • 15 times thicker than paint!

Concrete pools can crack due to soil volatility and earth movement, especially in earthquake-prone countries like ours. You don’t have to worry about this with a vinyl pool.

Vinyl is 15 times thicker than paint and will not chip, peel, crack separate or blister-like other pool finishes.

They are ideal for areas where heavy rainfall alternates with periods of drought, which can cause cracks in pools. As concrete can crack with freezing cold temperatures, vinyl pools are extremely popular in cold climates too.

Pool maintenance is easier

  • UV treated
  • Easily cleaned
  • Treated to resist algae
  • Inexpensive to replace

Vinyl-lined pools require work, but not nearly as much as you might think. All pools require some form of maintenance. Our pool liners are treated to resist algae, making them one of the lowest maintenance pool finishes available, even when compared to fibreglass. UV treatment also prevents fading.

You also have the option to install a low salt water or mineral chlorinator, which converts salt/magnesium into chlorine. This makes the water softer and your swimming pool care regimen much easier. It also eliminates the burning sensation a heavily-chlorinated pool might have, as it regulates the amount of chlorine itself.

Widest range of pool sizes and styles in New Zealand

Create your own masterpiece or choose from a range of standard models. In addition to its classic Lido and Big Six range, previously called Para Pool, Paramount also offers premium Orca and Coastal Modular ranges.

Repairs are cheaper and take less time

Pool repairs and renovations with concrete and fibreglass pools can be extremely expensive to repair if they crack. Concrete pools require resurfacing at some stage, and the cost of sandblasting and painting can run into many thousands. It is risky to do it yourself, as there are many do’s and don’ts to ensure a quality finish that will last. As an example, a single pin prick when applying the paint can cause the membrane to separate! Pool paint can also cost more than a vinyl liner.

A Paramount Pools vinyl pool liner on the other hand can be replaced from as little as $1500, and yes you can do it yourself!

Most vinyl swimming pool liners last 20 years or more, so you can go decades without having to replace them. When you break down the cost of a replacement liner over 15 years, it ranges between $100 – $250 per annum depending on the type of liner you choose. That is considerably cheaper than the cost of sandblasting and painting a concrete pool or repairing a fibreglass one.

Almost any design and colour is possible

Vinyl liners today can be custom made to suit the shape and size of your pool.

Colours, patterns, and thickness are also available in a variety of options. You can choose between above-ground pools and in-ground pools.

A stunning outdoor living area can be created by integrating in-ground options into your landscaping. A wide range of sizes and styles are available, as well as custom options.

You can't beat the warranties

Purchasing a pool is a big investment, so you want peace of mind knowing the warranty will cover any problems that may occur. Paramount Pools offers a great warranty on their vinyl liner pools. With a reputable supplier like us, you can rest assured that you have the support of an experienced and well-established New Zealand pool company.

We’re still here 50 years later because of our professional service and quality products. Vinyl swimming pool liners are extremely durable, customisable, and affordable. What’s more, swimming pool maintenance is easy.

Allow your imagination to run wild, and enjoy a swimming pool of your dreams without spending tens of thousands of dollars extra!

You can get all the bells and whistles for optimal comfort

By the way…

  • Yes, you can have a deep end
  • Yes, you can have stairs inbuilt
  • Yes, you can have a heat pump
  • Yes, you can have a pool cover
  • Yes, you can have an automatic cleaner
  • Yes, you can have a saltwater or mineral chlorinator
  • Yes, you can have everything done for you
  • Yes, you can choose from a variety of colours and textures!

Why Choose Paramount Pools?


Exceptional value -
very affordable!


Durable and easy
to maintain


Widest range of pool
sizes and styles in NZ


Range of standard models
for all locations


Flexible customised
design option


In ground and above
ground options available


Full installation and DIY
options available


Custom built or
standard sizes


Great choice of
colours and patterns


UV inhibitors protect vinyl from damage and fading


Will not crack, blister,
peel or separate


Treated to
Resist Algae

Extensive range of New Zealand made products, shorter lead times and huge selection in stock now!

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