Coastal Modular Range

From $35,415*

  • Product Range:
    Available in 5 standard sizes (view table below)
  • Custom Designs:
    Are also available to suit all locations and design requirements. (including irregular shapes-round, oval, teardrop etc)
  • Construction:
    Modular swimming pool, consisting of easy to construct rectangular steel panels (1220 mm W x 1321mm H), supported by stiffeners and steel buttress bracing. The construction is surrounded by an external concrete ring for additional support. Panels are also available in widths of 610mm (2ft) for greater design flexibility.
  • Suitable:
    Suitable for in-ground, semi in-ground or above-ground pool installations (no back filling required).
  • Modular Pool Design:
    The modular pool design can be installed as a flat bottom or can be deepened. Without deepening the maximum water depth is 1270mm.
  • Vinyl Liner:
    Lined with an Aqualux 0.75mm Custom Liner. Available in 16 colours (colours are an upgrade option).

Our Coastal Modular range is pre-engineered, offers exceptional quality and is fast to install. This type of pool has a plaster base, modular steel panels and an interior vinyl membrane that is of the highest quality.

*Excludes Installation

Coastal Modular Range Dimensions & Pricing

Model Dimensions Depth Volume Price
Piha 4.85m x 3.65m (16 x 12) 1.270m to 1.60m 25,000L $35,415.00
Kapiti 6.09m x 3.05m (20 x 10) 1.270m to 1.60m 26,000L $36,215.00
Omaha 6.70m x 3.66m (22 x 12) 1.270m to 1.70m 34,500L $38,840.00
Ohope 7.92m x 4.26m (26 x 14) 1.270m to 1.80m 52,000L $45,060.00
Waihi 9.14m x 3.65m (30 x 12) 1.270m to 1.80m 51,000L $45,560.00

What’s included in your Paramount Coastal Modular package?

Pricing Inclusions:

  • Pool construction materials
  • 0.75mm Aqualux Custom Liner
  • Filtration and plumbing
  • Skimmer
  • Cleaning equipment
    – vacuum
    – hose
    – leaf scoop
    – handle
  • Installation guide
  • Water treatment guide
  • Chemical pack
Pricing Exclusions:
  • Installation (labour and materials)
  • Excavation and soil removal
  • Council consent fees
  • Electrical connections
  • Engineering PS1 documents
Optional Upgrades:
  • Emaux TriChlor Feeder
  • Approved Salt Chlorinator
  • Dolphin Robotic Cleaner
  • Heat Pump
  • Solar Pool Cover & Roller
  • LED Underwater Lighting
  • Aqualux Liner Premium Colour Range

Exceptional Quality & Value

Manufactured in a controlled environment, you can be assured of the highest level of finish and quality. You get the best results from a team of dedicated engineers and specialists in a purpose-built factory.

  • Using zinc enriched steel panels, these are assembled together and interlocked with a concrete beam and floor. Panels of this type have been used for pool construction for over 50 years, so are proven.
  • Afterwards, a sanitized commercial grade vinyl membrane is vacuum-sealed into the pool shell to create a durable non-slip satin finish.
  • This membrane is thicker than 15 layers of pool paint, and can stretch to over 200%! Unlike some other pool interiors that can only stretch to 4% before breaking.

From classic ocean blues and greens to desirable resort-style tile effects, the Aqualux range offers sixteen beautiful designer colours and patterns. A metallic fleck will create a gorgeous shimmer on a sunny day.

Our Coastal range is our premium range. Choose from 5 standard models or design your own pool to suit your specific requirements. Designed for both above ground, partially in ground and in ground situations, the Paramount Coastal Modular swimming pool is the ultimate in aesthetic appeal and value.

There are multiple upgrade options which our Paramount Pools representative will discuss with you.

Coastal Modular - Colours

Why Choose A Paramount Coastal Modular Pool?


Product Range available
in 5 standard sizes


Custom Designs available to suit all locations and design requirements


Suitable for in ground, semi in ground or above ground installations (no back filling required)


Superior custom vinyl
liner from the Aqualux range


Durable and
easy to maintain


Will not crack, blister,
peel or separate


Great choice of 16
colours and patterns


UV inhibitors protect
vinyl from damage and fading

Generations of Kiwi children have learned to swim in a Paramount Pool over the last 50 years! It’s because of our reputation for excellence that our pools have become such an iconic brand.

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