Paramount Pools enters exciting new phase in merger with Swimart

In a move that combines two of Australasia’s leading pool and spa brands, Paramount Pools has merged with Swimart.

A total of three Paramount Pools’ five stores will be co-branded under the Swimart and Paramount Pools brands as part of this move.

Customers of Paramount Pools can expect the same level of quality and superior customer service as they’ve come to expect.

Paramount Pools has been providing top-quality pools to Kiwis for more than 50 years, so this merger presents many opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Since launching the iconic Para Pool more than fifty years ago, Paramount Pools has become the trusted source of pool and spa advice for Kiwis,” explains Craig Wilson, Director of Poolquip — the New Zealand-based manufacturing and wholesale operation behind Paramount Pools.

This merger will bring a new level of industry experience and experience never seen in this country before,” he says.

Craig Wilson says Swimart is a well-known industry leader for not only providing quality products but also providing premium service and expert advice, the same things that have made Paramount Pools successful.

“Both brands have a long history of delivering great customer service in this industry and their combined experience will only benefit them further.”

ASX-listed Waterco founded Swimart in 1983 and it operates 70 stores in Australia and six in New Zealand, mostly independently operated franchise stores.

Through this merger, Swimart will be able to take advantage of the excellent supplier support and customer service Paramount Pools has built up over the years.



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