The Founding - Paramount Pools

Paramount Pools

The Founding

Paramount Pools are a NZ owned and operated company established in 1993. However the origins of Paramount Pools date back to the turn of the 20th century.

The Beginning - 1910


The Beginning

The first Para Rubber Company was established in Christchurch by George Waldemar Skellerup, a Danish immigrant, selling a variety of imported rubber products.

Skellerup Formed - 1939


Skellerup Formed

Skellerup Industries Ltd formed to develop the manufacturing of rubber products in Christchurch. The Para Rubber Company Ltd becomes a subsidiary of Skellerup and continue to distribute the NZ manufactured rubber products throughout New Zealand.

The Emergence of a NZ Icon - 1967


The Emergence of a NZ Icon

Para Rubber expands its product range from rubber products into leisure products, with the most significant expansion being the introduction of the Para Pool in 1967.

The Para Pool-'Better than a Beach in your own Backyard' - 1970's-80's


The Para Pool-'Better than a Beach in your own Backyard'

The Para Pool business continues to expand through the Para Rubber retail outlets and wholesale channels supplying independent swimming pool dealers in both New Zealand and Australia. A separate wholesale water treatment chemical company is established to distribute chemicals for the hygienic treatment of water for pools and spas.

Paramount Pools - 1993


Paramount Pools

The Para Pools wholesale pool and water treatment chemical business is sold to Poolquip Ltd under a management buyout. Poolquip trades under the brand name, Paramount Pools.

New Ownership - 2018


New Ownership

After 25 years successful trading, fulfilling Kiwi dreams, Poolquip, the owner of the Paramount brand is sold.The new owners embark on a refresh of the Paramount Pools brand and Paramount Pools stores.