Part number Assorted


A high quality, New Zealand made colourbond pool wall suitable for Paramount / Para Pools.

Please use the following chart to select the proper size sidewall.
Or, your old wall still has some life in it, save money and patch the wall by inserting a couple of meters of new material instead of buying a complete wall.

If purchasing by the metre, for example ordering 3 of these you will get one 3m Length.
Additionally, to use cut lengths you will require:
2x Bolt Cover Strips
96x Nut, Bolt and Washer Sets (use 48 on each end of the wall to securely fasten)


If in doubt, give us a phone call and we can talk you through it.

SidewallSuits Pool SizesWall Length
#1 Sidewall15′ Round 16′ x 12′ Oval 38′ x 15′ Oval (Requires 2x)14.254m
 #2 Sidewall17′ Round 20′ x 12′ Oval16.621m
 #3 Sidewall20′ Round 24′ x 12′ Oval 23′ x 15′ Oval18.989m
 #3A Sidewall27′ x 15′ Oval21.356m
 #4 Sidewall30′ x 15′ Oval23.723
Sidewall per MUse to patch old wallsper M

The 38′ x 15′ Pool requires 2x #1 Walls and one Wall Plate Kit
Also included are coping strips for attaching the Liner to the Wall.
Wall Height: 1.2m
Precut Skimmer Hole to suit SP1500 Pool Skimmer located 600mm from one end.

 WALLS        R.R.P.     
PART1301 Sidewalls Colourbond No.1 (Suitable For 1548) (1612) (2 x 3815) 1650.00
PART1302 (Sidewalls Colourbond) No.2 (Suitable For 1748) (2012) 1930.00
PART1303 (Sidewalls Colourbond) No.3 (Suitable For 2048) (2315) (2412) 2150.00
PART1304 (Sidewalls Colourbond) No.4 (Suitable For 3015) 2745.00
PART1305 Sidewalls Colourbond No.3A (Suitable for 2715) 2450.00
PART1300 Sidewall per Metre 248.50