Year 'round swimming pool. 'I love going to the beach but Mum & Dad only took us a few times last summer coz it was too cold! Now my baby sister can play on the steps with Mum while Dad & I play water games in the deep end'

SQR jets343462
swim jets444
filtration pump111
hydrojet boost pump234
powersmart control & touchpadSV3SV3SV4 +iTouch
smartTOUCH digital touchpad
powersmart variable heater6kw6kw6kw
powersmart heat pumpoptional5.5kw8.8kw
minimum power required32amp32amp45amp
heat&cool pump options5.5/8.8/12kw8.8/12kw12kw
heat pump ready plumbing
purewater CD ozone sanitisation
clearzone water sanitisationoptional
LED waterline lighting
iLight swim trackingoptionaloptional
2 x cool down seatsseats OPTseats STD/jets OPTseats & jets STD
cedar cabinet
duratek cabinetoptionaloptionaloptional
lockable hardcover
stainless steel support baroptional