A favourite family shape, the octagonal myFriends is a great way to relax and chat; everyone’s included in the bubbles and fun
Check out the options available with the Classic & Extreme specifications.

SQR jets4361
foot massage ✓
filtration pump11
hydrojet boost pump12
powersmart control & touchpadSV2SV3
smartTOUCH digital touchpadoptional ✓
powersmart variable heater3kw6kw
minimum power required15amp32amp
heat pump ready plumbingoptional ✓
purewater CD ozone sanitisation ✓ ✓
clearzone water sanitisationoptionaloptional
LED waterline lighting ✓ ✓
waterfalloptional ✓
cedar cabinet ✓ ✓
duratek cabinetoptionaloptional
lockable hardcover ✓ ✓