Sapphire plunge pools are the ideal alternative to the typical backyard swimming pool BUT you can jump in all year round. With our economical heating systems and the smaller body of water, it's realistic to keep your plunge pool warm all winter and then cool it down for the summer months with a heat and cool pump.

Our plunge pools are completely factory built so can be installed in a day once your site has been prepared, either as a DIY project or with the help of selected tradesmen. If power to your site is limited then a plunge pool may be your best option as they don't require as much power as our powerful 4 swim jet models.

SQR jets36
Swim jets2
Filtration Pump1
Hydrojet boost pump1
Blast of bubbles
POWERsmart controlSV2
POWERsmart variable heater3kw
Minimum power required20amp
POWERsmart heat ready
POWERsmart heat system
heat&cool pump OPTIONS
CDozone sanitisation
LED waterline lighting
iLight swim tracking
Cedar cabinet
Duratek cabinet
Stainless steel support bar